About Us

About Yantel
     Yantel Corporation, founded in July 2004, boasts a strong R&D team of overseas-educated RF & Microwave experts. As a national-level High-Tech enterprise, we are in constant pursuit of innovation. By leading proprietary technologies in RF microwave active & passive components and IC design techniques in MMIC & RFIC, today's Yantel holds many invention patents granted in China, US , Europe, Korea and Japan, etc.
     Integrating R&D,manufacture and sales, Yantel has well equipped facilities for chip & components production, assembly, and advanced test equipment including network analyzer, impedance analyzer, precision test fixture etc. Our advanced manufacturing techniques and complete processes ensure the high quality and excellent repeatability of products.
     With the strength of many patented products, Yantel has been approved for several governmental-funded Science &Technology programs at national, provincial and municipal levels, including the China Innovation Program etc.These programs have propelled the industrialization of Yantel patented technologies.
     Yantel was awarded Top 10 Outstanding Enterprise by the City Intellectual Propriety office and was also Certified as National High-tech Enterprise by the State Ministry of Science and Technology,has gained the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate and GJB 9001B - 2009 Military Standard Quality Management System Certificate.
     Yantel has established stable business relationship with Nokia,Ericsson AB in Europe,Arris in USA,Samsung,ACE Technologies,RFHIC,Solid in Korea,Axell Wireless in UK,ZTE,HUAWEI,Fingu and Comba in China and etc.At the same time,Yantel precision RF passive IC series have been used for European high-end automobile electronic communication project in large quantities.
Product Competitiveness
Yantel products are competitive in its innovative technologies, excellent RF acteristics, invention patents coupled with cost effectiveness. They are widely used in various wireless communication terminals and systems, such as WiMAX, WLAN, Wi-Fi, CATV, Filter, GPS, Satellite communications, Radar, Repeater, Base Stations, RF active module, Power Amplifier, LNA module etc, and consumer terminal products as Antenna, Mobile Phones, Automotive Electronics, RFID etc.

Product Advantages and Features 
 Innovative technology and excellent RF acteristics
 Highly competitive price
 Wide frequency range: DC-3,6,12.4,18, 26.5GHz
 Small size with advanced RF microstrip , strip line technologies and passive chip IC design
 Low VSWR, low loss
 High reliability
 Good repeatability
 Wide applications in a variety of microwave & RF communication systems
 International invention patents

Key Patented Products &Technologies
  Wideband Temperature Compensation Attenuator breaks the iceberg of international monopoly(Microstrip Circuit Configuration DC~6,12.4,18,20,16~36GHz,thin film Series of patented products)
 Small Size Quadrifilar IC with excellent phase & amplitude balance
 Rear conector versions making the small and compact P.O.I. systems
 Manual variable attenuator with Non-abrupt change performance(no need to power off in attenuation adjusting)
 SMD manual variable attenuator in small size, wideband DC-3GHZ 

 SMD RF tunable inductor(manual & electric control)
 Technology to realize real time lossless & accurate temperature compensation within the chip of GaAs PA