About Us

About Yantel

Yantel Corporation is a national high-tech enterprise founded by several RF and microwave experts returning from overseas, owns the core patents of passive microwave components and microwave semiconductor chips around the world.

At present, Yantel has many Chinese and International patents,all the patent achievements reach the international leading level.

Integrating R&D, design, production and sales, Yantel has advanced production equipment for RF components,including four-channel network analyzers, high- and low-temperature incubators, ten-temperature zone lead-free reflow soldering equipment, wideband RF power tester and other advanced RF testing equipment.

Yantel has established 10 RF full-inspection automation lines via the investment of tens of millions of RMB, including RF specification testing, visual inspection, withstand voltage testing, integrated equipment of testing & tape reel,MES intelligent process control software and hardware system etc., thus ensuring the high quality of products and sufficient capacity reserve.

A number of patented products of Yantel have not only been approved as national, provincial and municipal science and technology projects by the National Technical Innovation Fund,Guangdong Industry-University-Research Collaboration Association (GDIUR) and Shenzhen Innovation Funds, but also passed the project acceptance.

Meanwhile,Yantel was as Shenzhen Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprises 2008 and the first batch of Chinese High-Tech Enterprise. In addition, Yantel has gained the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate, the ISO14000 Environmental Management System Certificate and GJB9001B-2009 Military Standard of Quality Management System Certificate.

Yantel has established long-term and stable cooperation with Huawei, Ericsson, ZTE, Nokia, Datang, Samsung, Comba, Fingu, Mobi, RFHIC, ACE and other famous communication enterprises at home and abroad. At the same time, Yantel's high-precision passive IC series products have been designed and used in large quantities by vehicle-mounted cell phone signal booster projects such as Audi and Volkswagen in Europe. Wideband power divider ICs are widely used in Beidou, GPS, GNSS and other high-precision satellite positioning and antenna application. The main clients include BDStar, ComNav, UniStrong, Huaxin etc.

Product Competitiveness
Yantel products are competitive in its innovative technologies, excellent RF acteristics, invention patents coupled with cost effectiveness. They are widely used in various wireless communication terminals and systems, such as WiMAX, WLAN, Wi-Fi, CATV, Filter, GPS, Satellite communications, Radar, Repeater, Base Stations, RF active module, Power Amplifier, LNA module etc, and consumer terminal products as Antenna, Mobile Phones, Automotive Electronics, RFID etc.

Product Advantages and Features 
 Innovative technology and excellent RF acteristics
 Highly competitive price
 Wide frequency range: DC-3,6,12.4,18, 26.5GHz
 Small size with advanced RF microstrip , strip line technologies and passive chip IC design
 Low VSWR, low loss
 High reliability
 Good repeatability
 Wide applications in a variety of microwave & RF communication systems
 International invention patents

Key Patented Products &Technologies
 Wideband temperature compensation attenuator,breaks the iceberg of international monopoly

(Microstrip circuit configuration DC-6,12.4,18,20,16-36GHz)
 Ultra small size (5×3mm), high power density, SMD 3db coupler and directional coupler with patent. Footprint and size is compatible, applied to 4G and 5G.
 Using the world advanced wafer technology of Silicon & GaAs, simulate and design the ultra wideband 2 way Power Divider,4 way Power Divider,3dB coupler ,Directional Coupler, Quadrifilar, Varilable Attenuator, Fixed Attenuator, Phase Shifters etc. used to 4G, 5G Telecommunication,Satellite Navigation and Vehicle mounted Cell Phone Signal Booster,Active Module etc.
  World manual varilable attenuator DC-6GHz with Non-abrupt change performance (no need to power off in attenuation adjustiong )
  Yantel has launched the world advanced SMD coupler by the size of 0603 with PTFE process, and the SMD coupler by the size of 0805 has been produced on a large scale. Therefore, Yantel spares no effort to strive for the market share of 5G terminal application.

  World advanced technology to realize real time lossless & accurate temperature compensation within the chip of GaAs PA.
 Miniaturized 4-phase shifter (built-in termination) PCB process, 5×3mm, low ion loss, excellent amplitude & phase balance, supporting antenna miniaturization.